Freaky, funny, funky mind-bending music direct from Chicago. Among other things Jack is the World's Greatest Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band Tribute Band.

“I'm walking down 18th Street in the Bottom on a Saturday and I see this big guy in a tux with a lime green tie and green suede shoes standing on top of a Jeep, wailing on a guitar. After some staring and eye contact, he points to the door of the Cobblestone Brewery and tells me to go in, so I do. The rest of the night was an experience I won't forget. The big guy, Lem Roby, is one hell of a guitar player and showman. He walked around the bar talking to people while he played, strolled into the pool room, grabbed a cue stick, and played some of the best slide I've heard in a while. His band, Jack Salamander, covered everything from John Lee Hooker to Zappa.” –Richmond Music Journal

The live shows have been called: “Tasteful and tight, filled with the magical experience of the unexpected.” “Our kids had as much fun as we did!”

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CAU and Ranger Studios and Sound present Mind Bending Lunar Excursion Music!

Come to this fantastic new venue and see Jack transform themselves into Pink Frog! Hear The Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety and all your favorite JackHits as well!

BYOB, so YOU can be assured your favorite drink will be in stock! No marked-up bar prices! All Ages, so no babysitter excuses! Streaming live on Facebook, so no "I live too far away" excuses! 10 bucks cover, cheap, cheap!